"X-Tread eliminates the need for appliqués, mats and traction strips on ceramic, porcelain or tile surfaces. If you have ever fallen in a slippery tub (or if you know someone who has), then this is the product for you"

B. Kincaid, Nashville, TN (works great on bathroom tile floors, too!)

One, simple application makes your tub surface slip-resistant when wet, and it's guaranteed for 10 years on ceramic, porcelain and enamel tubs.

X-Tread Will Not Provide Any Slip-Resistance On Plastic or Acrylic Surfaces, but will remove most stubborn stains and soap scum from most surfaces, including plastic tubs and inserts.

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X-Tread™, in 1 and 1x4 gallon cases is only available to

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Thank you for visiting Xtread.com. Since you're here, it must mean that you're looking for a simple, low cost and long lasting solution to eliminating a problem with a "slippery-when-wet" surface. It could be a tub, a quarry tile restaurant kitchen floor, a tiled walk way, a foyer or other area where when it's wet, it's very slippery.

X-Tread™ is not a temporary coating. It's a permanent, invisible surface treatment that increases the "Coefficient of Friction" of any enamel, ceramic tile, porcelain or quarry tile (hardened clay based) surface, making it slip-resistant when wet. The X-Tread™ treatment will last up to 10 years, or more, on enameled tubs, and less in heavy traffic areas, such as a restaurant kitchen. However, as long as the surface is maintained with proper cleaning and de-greasing, it will retain its Slip-Resistance until the surface is actually worn off.

With almost
25,000 serious "slip-and-fall" injuries happening in the home, everyday, and 90,000 daily workplace injuries due to slips-and-falls, you should give some serious thought about using             X-Tread™ . Join the thousands who, since 1978, have cared for the safety and well being of their family, friends, guests and employees by purchasing X-Tread™ TODAY!

Thanks for visiting, and come back often.

Bud Reed

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New 4 gal. prices

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The X-Tread tub kit is now WARRANTED for 10 years.

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